stainless steel filaments sewing thread

Short Description:

Above 600 degress High Temp Resistant stainless steel filaments yarn/thread It can substitute for asbestos and glass fiber. Heated asbestos creates substance that could cause cancer and be threat to the health of human, cause marks on surface of glass, glass fiber contaminates the environment.

Product Detail

thermal resistant  stainless steel yarn


Main feature:
Good electrical conductivity, high strength, high elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent thermal stability in an oxidizing atmosphere, excellent thermal conductivity, eliminate static electricity,non-combustible,high temperature resistance, radiation protection, sound absorption, UV protection, filterability, good cushioning, high cutting strength, High permeability, good malleability.

RFID, heat insulation curtains, anti-static brush, high temperature resistant sewing thread, signal transmission line, conductive transmission line, high temperature transmission line, heating line, intelligent clothes, electronic field lifebuoys (clothes), wrapping fixture (product does not directly contact the fixture), The mold wrap material for molding, static electricity eliminates for equipment, high temperature resistant sewing thread for waste incinerator, coal-fired boiler flue gas dust removal, cement rotary kiln, steel blast furnace flue gas dust removal.

heating yarn


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