Military green meta aramid fabrics

Short Description:

fire fighting PPE Meta-aramid-fabrict has permanent flame retardant, anti-static, arc-proof, high-strength, washable, chemical and corrosion resistant properties. Based on meta-aramid fiber itself has flame retardant function, it will not reduce its flame retardant effect due to washing.

Product Detail

Military green fabrics
Army Green series fabric is specially designed for the military department, including the Navy, air Force, army or rescue and other dangerous work environment provided fabric
Ingredients:meta aramid fiber + counterpoint aramid fiber + flame retardant viscose + antistatic wire
Fabric gram weight: 150g/m2, 200g/m2 or customized according to customer requirements.
Fabric color: Military green
General construction: twill/plain
Width of conventional fabric: 150cm
Standard: GB8965.1-2009/ GB12014-2009 /ISO11612/ EN14116/EN1149

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