Stainless steel fiber tape/belting

Short Description:

Above 600 degress High Temp Resistant stainless steel fiber tape/belting It can substitute for asbestos and glass fiber. Heated asbestos creates substance that could cause cancer and be threat to the health of human, cause marks on surface of glass, glass fiber contaminates the environment.

Product Detail

high temp resistant stainless steel tapes

Main feature:
Low resistance and excellent thermal conductivity, eliminate static electricity, flame-retardant, non-combustible,Softness, ductility, high tensile strength,high temperature resistance, shielding electromagnetic waves, anti-radiation, cutting resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, soft shock absorption, high temperature sound absorption, high durability, high air permeability, Tensile resistance, good cushioning, good grip on smooth glass, can improve the smooth appearance of glass products, reduce glass traces, and wipe Remove glass white spots, oil stains, and dirt, and improve glass yield.

It can be used for conveyor belt material, friction and swab material under high temperature condition in glass industry, and also can be used in heat buffer material for industrial field, thermal insulation curtain, filter cloth of various strongly corrosive materials, high temperature flue gas filter bag, field shelter tent, breathable instrument shield, anti-electronic interference and coordination of isolation tent, curtain, electronic warfare life buoy (suit), high temperature combustion fields, flame retardant, non-combustible, conductive, eliminate static electricity, shield electromagnetic waves, anti-radiation textile materials,high temperature sound absorption, military, high temperature resistance fields, medical, industrial, glass, electronic fields, static brush for printing, copiers, electroplating, plastics, Packaging, rubber industry, mold coating materials for automotive glass molding, mobile phone cover glass, tablet computer display, automotive glass, liquid crystal glass, medical utensil glass and other manufacturing plants.

stainless steel tapes fire resistant stainless steel fiber tapes

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