stainless steel fiber tubing/sleeving

Short Description:

Above 600 degress High Temp Resistant stainless steel fiber tubing/sleeving It can substitute for asbestos and glass fiber. Heated asbestos creates substance that could cause cancer and be threat to the health of human, cause marks on surface of glass, glass fiber contaminates the environment.

Product Detail

high temp resistant stainless steel tube

Main feature: 

Soften and flexible, smooth surface, high temperature resistance, temperature resistance 650 degree,melting point 1300 degree, good electrical conductivity, excellent thermal conductivity, excellent thermal stability, heating, high cutting strength,high elasticity, high wearproof, corrosion resistance, Equipment static electricity eliminate, sound absorption, filterability, good cushioning,high permeability, good malleability.

Heat-resistant binding fixture, Conductive transmission, heat generation, FR sewing, Mould covering materials for automotive glass molding, high temperature resistant buffer materials for glass industry, glassware molding materials, temperature resistant products operated in high temperature environments, high temperature resistant conveyor belts, permanent shielding and conductive materials, anti-static brush, various anti-static products , widely used in textile, printing, copier, electroplating, compounding, coating, printing and dyeing, papermaking, plastics, packaging, rubber and other industries.

 thermal resisant metal fiber sleeves

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