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  • Silver Gloves With Spandex (antibacterial/kill viruses)

    Silver Gloves With Spandex (antibacterial/kill viruses)

    Silver Coated Polyamide Gloves With Spandex Model Parameters Brand: 3LTEX Product Name: Silver Gloves With Spandex (antibacterial/kill viruses) Part # : KS100S-G Material : Pure Silver Coated Nylon Spandex Antiviral Activity Rate: 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness: 50.0dB-71.0dB Surface Resistivity: ...
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  • Silver coated spandex fabric (conductive/shielding/antibacterial)

    Silver coated spandex fabric (conductive/shielding/antibacterial)

    Pure silver coated polyamide spandex fabric The best conductive shielding fabric with antibacterial functions, silver coated on polyamide/nylon spandex base material, it’s more wear resistant, stretchable, soft and comfortable. It is a high-tech product obtained by permanently bonding silve...
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  • Silver antibacterial facial mask

    Silver antibacterial facial mask

    Under the background of Covid 19, people need to protect themselves by wearing facial mask and gloves. The most efficient way should be wear masks. We explored silver facial mask which can can kill viruses infected by the respiratory tract, it can resisted 99.9% of the HIN1 virus. Dr. JinJian Fa...
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