Stainless Steel Fiber Spun Yarn

Short Description:

Above 600 degress High Temp Resistant stainless steel spun yarn,mainly used for conductive /high temperature resistant metal tape cloth weaving / knitting,heating sewing,Signal line etc.

Product Detail

stainless steel fiber spun yarn

Main feature:
Softness, low resistance and excellent thermal conductivity, eliminate static electricity, non-combustible, high temperature resistance, radiation protection, sound absorption, UV protection, filterability, good cushioning, wear-proof, long life, high tensile strength, anti cutting strength, high permeability, good malleability, corrosion resistance.

Material for high temperature resistant textiles (600°C), heat insulation curtains, processing of automotive glass, vacuum tubes and glass bottles, production of field shielding tents, production of high temperature resistant filter materials, and production of electronic field lifebuoys (clothes) , anti-static brush, high temperature resistant sewing thread, signal transmission line, heating line, intelligent clothes.

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