tinned copper metallized yarn

Short Description:

Its copper plated tin high strength wire made by flattened copper-plated tin wire in wrapped textile filaments. Tin forms oxide films to prevent copper oxidation soon,intermediate textile wire supported wire strength and bending performance so the conductor wire is more flexible and durable,

Product Detail

tin copper tinsel wire

Main feature:
Good electromagnetic shielding performance,Improved electrical conductivity and wire performance,Good welding property and stability, Well corrosion and oxidation resistance,Good wear Resistance,Flexible, easy to shape.

Outer shielding braid/net and brush for wire of the cable, Conductive tapes, conductive textiles,smart textile for shielding or heating, embroidery thread, wind energy, nuclear energy, automotive electronics, RFID conductor, wires for charging pile , medical electronics , robot , aerospace, ship/cabin, high-end headset, cell phone speaker, towline cable, railway track cable, as well as the field of industrial cable and special wire and cable.

copper tinsel wires gimped yarns

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