RFID Conductive Mesh

Short Description:

  • Base Material: polyester
  • Coating layer : Copper-Nickel
  • Contents : Polyester/Copper/Nickel 70:16:14
  • Shielding effectiveness: 10Mhz -3Ghz: >60dB
  • Width: 140cm
  • Product Detail

    Product impression:
    Good transparency and air permeability
    Extra low resistance ,superior conductivity
    Good shielding effect
    Easy to process, good effect of molding

    Conductive Mesh

    Shielding effectiveness:
    10Mhz -3Ghz: >50dB
    Surface resistance
    RFID lining material
    Shielding bags/case for electronic equipment
    Coated foam
    Electromagnetic shielding conductive gasket
    EMI/RFI shielding windows
    Shielding dust screen for electronic equipment
    Anti-static and grounding
    Hot melt adhesive can be pasted as customized
    Length & Width can be rewind as customized

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