Silver antibacterial facial mask

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Under the background of Covid 19, people need to protect themselves by wearing facial mask and gloves. The most efficient way should be wear masks. We explored silver facial mask which can can kill viruses infected by the respiratory tract, it can resisted 99.9% of the HIN1 virus. Dr. JinJian Fang suggest that to consider silver ions as one of the protection and treatment methods for new coronaviruses.

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Model Parameters

Brand                   3LTEX

Product Name     Silver Facial Mask

Part #                   KS100S-M

Material               Pure Silver Coated Nylon Spandex

Antibacterial        99.9%

silver facial mask-SGS report

Main feature:

 - antibacterial: can restrict 99% golden staphylococcus, klebsiella pneumoniae,HIN1

 - re-usable & washable: can be washed more than 100 times

 - deodorization: silver’s antibacterial,deodorization function can eliminate unpleasant smells

- moisture absorption and sweat releasing: inner layer of cotton, viscose etc can keep dry and avoid moist-feeling

- Three-dimensional tailoring well fit the face

- Unique and clever adjustment rope buckle, easy to adjust and fix

- Fashion and cool outlook

 silver facial mask-anti H1N1 virus report

Advantage description

The quick-acting antiviral mask adopts BCNT nano-antiviral technology, which can effectively kill or inhibit the activity of bacteria and viruses.

As UK, Chile etc country had company produced copper 3D mask to anti-bacterial,silver works better than copper.

Silvers effect: At 5 mins exposure, the sarS coronavirus toxicity in VERO cells was reduced to a very low level,and at 20 mins, no toxicity effects were found.

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Perfect choose for civil anti-virus mask, anti radiation masks. 


Post time: Oct-26-2019